Nutrition Equilibrium

Healthy food habits are all about finding a balance of sustainable routines that work with your everyday life.

Do you need help finding your personal balance?

A short presentation

I am doing nutritional counselling at the Clinique du Sport in Chamonix, online or in your home.

I am registered dietitian (in France and Sweden) with experience working clinically in hospitals as well as several years in the restaurant industry. My passion for food and well-being includes everything from a scientific approach to health and nutrition over to the culinary side of enjoying food and flavour, expanding on to a more subjective angle of individual preference and prerequisites.

Another great passion of mine is the mountains and all the excitement they bring in terms of skiing, biking, climbing and hiking with the most spectacular backdrop. But to be able to best enjoy all of these, good nutrition is vital, wether it’s only for a day out with friends or on a professional level.

For any further information, feel free to send me a message.

BSc in Dietetics

University of Gothenburg

MSc in Public Health

Mid Sweden University

Licence en Diététique

DRDJSCS Auvergne Rhône-Alpes

A few tips for a good
food-life balance

The changes that make the most difference are the small things you do every day.

  • Every meal needs vegetables!
  • No food or snacks for 12 hours between dinner and breakfast
  • Eat real food without long ingredient labels
  • Eat seasonal to get a more varied intake
  • Once a week, buy a fruit or vegetable that you have never eaten or cooked before.
  • Everyday food does NOT have to be an instagram master piece!
  • Sit down, relax, chew properly, taste and ENJOY you food.

Need inspiration in the kitchen?

Some Favourite Recipes

Crunchy Seed Cracker

These crackers are amazingly flavourful and crunchy, great for your favourite dip, spread or cheese platter. They are also gluten-free and full of fibres and minerals from the different seeds.

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The Forager’s Pesto

I love foraging for food! Coming home with a bag of treasures from a walk in nature, mix it up ready for dinner, just feels like magic. How much more fresh can it get?

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Roasted Granola

This granola has a rich, roasted flavour with a hint of sweetness and gives a nice crunch to your breakfast bowl. It’s also full of minerals and dietary fibres.

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